Thursday, 6 November 2014


I drag this blog out of retirement ( if not obscurity) to comment on KP's book , because I think Blogspot stops you using "cricket" in the name if you don't comment on it somewhere on your blog.

The Books and Cricket party line is pro KP and even more pro the Book itself.  Notwithstanding all the juiciest bits had been leaked and read before I opened the pages ( or whatever the Kindle version of doing that is) I just really enjoyed it. It is biased, whiny and scarcely credible in places, but the bit you can't fake or ghost is just how much KP loves and understands cricket. A lot of people have rightly pointed to the Dravid email as a highlight, but KP himself comes across every much the cricket geek when it comes to talking about batting , tactics etc. I was never an unqualified KP fan the way a Tom Holland is, I like a bit more of the rapier than the battle axe in my batting crushes , but I did spend a disproportionate amount of time on YouTube watching KP knocks after reading it- and my mark waugh / gower/martyn/laxman quota has gone down correspondingly. That will be a temporary phenomenon, but is a phenomenon nonetheless.

It is a bloody good read- and you can put that on the cover if you want.