Friday, 4 April 2014

Watching Sarah Taylor

I don't think I have seen a cricketer so far ahead if everyone else on the pitch. Athletically she makes A B De Villiers look like Eddie Hemmings  (alright slight exaggeration) and she generally comes across  in her play like the good bigger kid forced to play the house match at school.

Actually now I think of it the Taylor/De Villiers comparison isn't such a bad one.

AB did risk undermining my life long dislike of keen South African cricketers (let's be honest that sentence probably works without the word "keen" in it)  when he bowled an over in a test match against India last year. The √úbermensch trotted in and sent down the rankest , round arm middle aged village dobbers I've seen on a first class pitch. I've never warmed so quickly to a sportsman.

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